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Amusing things to happen this week:

Getting hit on by a 15 year old ... okay kind of more embarrassing than amusing. He thought I was also 15 ... explains why I was able to take the bus for half the normal price, an option normally only available for 13 and under. >.>

ETA: I am actually 19, which means I am off age here in Germany.

Having your brother shout for 'A CAB, give me another CAB!' Oh bandom, please to be staying out of my head.

In other news I am buying myself 'The Black Parade Is Dead', my willpower, let me show you it.

Here, have some recs:

Let's start with [ profile] zarah5 , you should basically read everything she has ever written Why? Because she is made of awesome and so is her writing. I won't even list what I loved about every one of these fics, because then I'd still be sitting here tomorrow.

Maybe Living Really Is Easier (If You Keep Your Eyes Closed)

Strawberry Fields Forever
I dare you to read this and not go 'AWWWWWW' out loud.

Basic Adjustments
Summary: Three days into the recording of The Album that Has Yet to Be Named, Brendon loses his voice. Just like that.

Agent Provocateur
Nice and long and, oh yeah, SPY!AU !!!! With amnesia!

A Rough Guide to Following Instructions
This is just plain smoking hot!

Then there is Sings like she runs by [ profile] liketheroad.
It has girl!Spencer and made me want to cry and smile and make gleeful noises all at once.

I'm pretty sure there was more that I'm forgetting right now, my f-list is just so talented! ♥

Also, Gerard talking about his 'flower' kind of made my evening. *g*

This video made me laugh like a lunatic! \o/ Oh MCR, how so funny.


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