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Uni is killing me not so softly, so the updates will be slower this time around. If you are expecting any angels in these, go look somewhere else (and don't blink), I presonaly, am too creeped out to use their image. ;)


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Next up: New SPN and more DW once the second part has aired, the preview made it look very promising indeed.

Resources masterlist can be found here.

For more recent DW wallpapers check the art tag.
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I watched 'The Benders' again , one of my favorite episodes btw, and I'm still not sure if the lady cop did or didn't know in the end that Dean wasn't really Sam's cousin, but rather his brother?!
When I first watched it, I always expected her to admit to knowing something or Dean and/or Sam to mess up, but now I'm not so sure if she knew or even guessed.

Opinions anyone?
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Ok, here are the icons I did because I had nothing better to do. *cough homework cough*

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And now I can go watch the new Prison Break episode. YAY!
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And I love it, I can't even wait for the end of the month.
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[ profile] spn_gleeweek is just awesome!!
And the number of comments already there is just Supernatural !!

*hops up and down*
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I'm supposed to be doing my homework right now, but I discovered this article with the boys that [ profile] wolfhearted posted ...

Let me give the same extract that she did:

Jensen - "We're late because he [indicates Padalecki] partied hard last night and
apparantly fell asleep in the shower"
Jared - "I couldn't attend an interview without having a shower"
Jensen - "Sure.. but you're always in there for hours. What do you do in there?"
Jared - "There's a lot of me to wash ok?"

Ok Jared in a shower ... guh! Homework, what homework?!
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Wow, Supernatural really screws with your or maybe just my mind.
Yesterday I caught my sister saying Bloody Mary in font of the mirror and kinda maybe freaked a bit out.
I avoided mirrors for most of the day until I finally convinced myself that I didn't have a bis dark secret and was being childish ...
I poked myself in the eye trying to take my contact lenses out and avoid looking into the mirror.
Thanks Supernatural

And just because I felt like it I made two PotC 2 wallpapers: )
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YES! Holidays are finally there and now I have lots and lots of free time on my hands , what to do, what to do ... hmmm I could watch Supernatural again it's been two days a long time since I've watched an episode, and now nobody will tell me to do my homework or do something else for school and interupt me! \o/

I have been tacked!!! by [ profile] lfg1986 *waves*

Okay the meme:
List ten albums that you cannot live without... so in no particular order:

1. Moulin Rouge ( the soundtrack)
2. The Lion King ... what?
3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (soundtrack)
4. Guys & Dolls
5. Phantom of the Opera (the soundtrack from the movie and the one from the musical)
6. PotC !!(soundtrack)
7. Titanic ( soundtrack this time the one from the movie)
8. LotR the Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack
9. LotR The Two Towers soundtrack
10.LotR The Return Of The King

In other news, I had a great day with it being the last day of school for 6 weeks! and getting my Zeugnis. And just an hour ago my lil sister and I went out for pizza (my treat) and then my other sister took me out ice-coffee hunting ... without any luck.

I've finally realised how obsessed I've become with Supernatural, because today as I was looking through my mobile phone I found Dean Winchesters phone number in it ... I wonder how it got there *tries to look inoccent and fails*

To celebrate the beginning of the holidays an old wallpaper of mine which shall be named: Jared is hot ...



May. 5th, 2006 11:59 pm
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NOOOOO! They can't .... I can't ... they can't stop there ... they just can't, I mean with the ... and then ... the CAR .... and NOOOOO!!! gahhh!
...It's ot fair! I hate Supernatural ... it makes me incoherent and I just can't stop watching it ... well now I'll have to stop ... well stop watching the new episodes ....because there will be NO MORE episodes for a LONG LONG TIME!!!
How will I survive ??!! 0.0
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OH, I love my show !!!
Supernatural Hell House )
I had my first dancing lesson today and it wasn't even half bad... ok I stepped on some toes and I was leading a lot because my partner couldn't, but I liked it.


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