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So, maybe it's just me, but on the cover of 'When the day met the night' )
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So I spent three weeks without any internet access and now that it's back, I still have no explanation about why it was gone. *grrr*

In todays 'you are how old??' news:
My dad sent me to get lamp oil at the nearest supermarket, at the checkout the following scene happened:

Saleswoman takes one look at me, reaches for the phone and dials.

Her: Hi, am I allowed to sell lamp oil to anyone under 18, I mean it's flameable and all ...
Me: ... I'm 19. :/
Her: *skeptical look* ... Oh, well, can I see your id then?

It's a never ending source of amusement for my family and friends.

So, is there anyone in bandom who hasn't listened to 'Howl' yet? I quite like it, but it's also not something I'll listen to every day. But I think it would mke great driving music, I'll definitely have to test that.

My amusement for the day: )
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I'm guessing that everyone and their dogs has now already seen that video of Brendon and Ryan playing Mad Libs , but it is amazing so watch it again:

Over here.

'Back in the bible people got stoned' It is sad that my mind only went: 'Huh, where'd they get the weed back then?', befor it made the connection to the throwing of stones. *headdesk*

I love Brendon's laughter, he really laughs with his whole body. <3

But seriously, it's embarassing how much I want some of that to end up in one of their songs some day. That would have me laughing for years days.

Now I'm going to get money for our graduation schoolpaper. Have a great day everybody. :D

ETA. Before I forget again, my love for Patrick Stump, let me show you it.


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