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So I spent three weeks without any internet access and now that it's back, I still have no explanation about why it was gone. *grrr*

In todays 'you are how old??' news:
My dad sent me to get lamp oil at the nearest supermarket, at the checkout the following scene happened:

Saleswoman takes one look at me, reaches for the phone and dials.

Her: Hi, am I allowed to sell lamp oil to anyone under 18, I mean it's flameable and all ...
Me: ... I'm 19. :/
Her: *skeptical look* ... Oh, well, can I see your id then?

It's a never ending source of amusement for my family and friends.

So, is there anyone in bandom who hasn't listened to 'Howl' yet? I quite like it, but it's also not something I'll listen to every day. But I think it would mke great driving music, I'll definitely have to test that.

My amusement for the day: )
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Since [ profile] zarah5 promised me fic, I agreed to make a Panic!touching picspam and happily rubbing my hands together I began looking through my pic folder.
About 70 pics later it was sure that this was not going to be done very quickly and then Pete Wentz took it upon himself to post some more pics(and throw a party at his bar) that fit
this theme perfectly. Therefore the following can be equally blamed on [ profile] zarah5 and Pete, no part at all is my fault ... really.

Pretty.Precious. )

This has been not even half of the pics I wanted to show, but since I do have to go to bed a bit earlier today, I'll have to post the rest tomorrow. I hope that is ok with you [ profile] zarah5.

Coming up: Casual contact, Boypiles and WTF ( are you even doing boys?) now with bonus Pete Wentz. See ya!

Edit. Part two.
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Finally all the A-level exams are over and now I`ll have to wait until early June for the results, but until then I have a lot of free time. \o/
(if I pretend that oral exam in May does not exist)

Things that I`ve learned: )

I just realized that I never posted about my concert experience. Mostly, because I was waiting for my friends vids and pics that she took, but those seem to not be getting send my way any time soon. So, should I post about what I remember anyway, or wait for the media?

OMG, bandombigbang's deadline is about two days before my oral exam ... and here I thought I would actually find the time to learn. Seriously, someone take the internetz away from me for I have seemingly no willpower, at all. *headdesk*

Is there anything else I've missed while away. I`m trying to catch up on the flist, but that is quite a lot, so tell me in case anything you find funny or important has happened.

ps. I`ve finally gotten that damn deluxe edition!! VICTORY!!
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real update will hopefully come tomorrow, but ...

... I just watched Transformers and I have such a huge crush on Shia LaBeouf, it is not even funny. I'm convinced that he could make paint drying entertaining somehow.

... a very belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! to [ profile] autumnfades, ILU!!! ♥

... all the various Panic! shenanigans have kept me very entertained, KEEP IT UP BOYS!!
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This is for [ profile] blossyn, because she needed a pic of Patrick sticking his tongue out. Sadly the only thing close is this cap:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

But I also found a few other interesting pics, so have some tongue )

So, sorry, no real pics of him with his tongue out, I'm almost convinced that doesn't actually exist, but ,FLIST, PROVE ME WRONG!!
You are also here by encouraged to spam my comments with tonguey pics of whatever. Show me some tongue!! :-P

ps. HAPPY SAINT NIKOLAUS DAY, to those that celebrate it. :D
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... So it's been a while, but what else is new? I've just been a bit emo and it's been a hell of a month and I didn't want to harshen any of your squee. :(

But tomorrow will be my last exam of the year and then the awesome times can begin! :D
What else was awesome this month:

♥ I finally got my driver's license ... people on the roads of Germany beware!

♥ We got a puppy!!! She is really cute, but also a real handful at times, do you want to see some pics?


♥ Bandom keeps bringing all the girls boys slashers to the yard! :D

Brendon Urie singing a Britney Spears song makes me lol.

Hope you have as awesome a rest of the month as I hope I'll have. :D

ETA: GIP!! You should seriously check out [ profile] blossyn 's christmas bandom icons for they are made of win and will put a smile on your face!
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So, I've been gone,but I've also still been reading my flist and I must say. you guys, what's up??

The new Heroes ep is already 5 days old and there has been exactly none posts about it. How am I supposed to squee here, are you all not into Heroes anymore??
one (okay maybe more)spoiler(s) under here )

Anyway I loved the ep and it has renewed my love and squee for TV fandom!!

But OMG I'm so invested in bandom now I can't even hear or read the line 'just for the record' without finishing the quote in my head (the weather today...). *facepalm*

And now let's finish this off with some pics that make me laugh my head off:

I mock because I love! )


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