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I am so nervous right now, I don't know how I'll be able to sleep tonight ... or uhm now?
Tomorrow I'll be getting my final grades and then I'm really graduating, omg. /o\

If everything goes alright tomorrow and I didn't fail too hard, I'll probably look something like this:


So goodnight and hopefully party taimz tomorrow.
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Finally all the A-level exams are over and now I`ll have to wait until early June for the results, but until then I have a lot of free time. \o/
(if I pretend that oral exam in May does not exist)

Things that I`ve learned: )

I just realized that I never posted about my concert experience. Mostly, because I was waiting for my friends vids and pics that she took, but those seem to not be getting send my way any time soon. So, should I post about what I remember anyway, or wait for the media?

OMG, bandombigbang's deadline is about two days before my oral exam ... and here I thought I would actually find the time to learn. Seriously, someone take the internetz away from me for I have seemingly no willpower, at all. *headdesk*

Is there anything else I've missed while away. I`m trying to catch up on the flist, but that is quite a lot, so tell me in case anything you find funny or important has happened.

ps. I`ve finally gotten that damn deluxe edition!! VICTORY!!
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Hey guys,

I'll be mia for the next week and a half, because today I'm flying to Paris for the weekend and then I`ll be writing my a-level exams.

I'm nervous as all hell.
Have a fun weekend and maybe keep your fingers crossed for me.
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Hey, I'm not dead, just really stressed out from school right now.
This year is seriously going to suck until May is finally over.

Dear A-level exams,

I know you are in my future, I know you are important, but could you maybe just go away for a while and let me catch my breath?

No love,

Dear Panic(!)at the Disco,

please do return to Germany when I actualy have time to go see you. I can't cut school right now, not even for you.


ETA. Just to clarify, no I don't make a habit of cutting school, but I am so fed up right now that I kinda want to. D:
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First of all, Christmas was great and I now have a lot of precious stuff, including The Umbrella Academy #1-3 and MCR's Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge!! also the first season of Bones! \o/

Today I'll be partying over at my friends house with a few people. My best friend will also be there and that fills me with joy, what are all of you doing tonight, hmm??

Then I'll begin the next year with a trip to Hannover, where a good friend of mine lives and I'll stay there for about 4/5 days. Which sadly means no real internet access! /o\

Also, [ profile] blossyn, your card arrived today!! And it honestly made my day, especially when my sister stole and read it and was all: "What is a Wentz?? 0.o" HEE!! I really love it! *smishes you* (the pics will be glued to my pc, because it really needed some Brendon/Unicorn!)

Now I'll have to go and get my friend from the bus station and then there can/will be shenanigans!! \o/

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... So it's been a while, but what else is new? I've just been a bit emo and it's been a hell of a month and I didn't want to harshen any of your squee. :(

But tomorrow will be my last exam of the year and then the awesome times can begin! :D
What else was awesome this month:

♥ I finally got my driver's license ... people on the roads of Germany beware!

♥ We got a puppy!!! She is really cute, but also a real handful at times, do you want to see some pics?


♥ Bandom keeps bringing all the girls boys slashers to the yard! :D

Brendon Urie singing a Britney Spears song makes me lol.

Hope you have as awesome a rest of the month as I hope I'll have. :D

ETA: GIP!! You should seriously check out [ profile] blossyn 's christmas bandom icons for they are made of win and will put a smile on your face!
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YAYYAYAY!! I've passed my theoretical driver's test with 0 mistakes!! I wasn't able to do that the whole time I was learning for this damn test, so this makes me ridiculously happy!! :D :D

My flist is clearly made of ev0l and is slowly but surely sucking me into the bandslash fandom of the P!atD variety!(see subject^^) Yes I've finally seen the light, they are so pretty!!!

And because I've forgotten what else I wanted to post about, have some more prettyness: (warning, not dial-up friendly) )

Woo, and there isn't even anything SPN related in this post yet ... hmmm.

Now I remember, seen uhm, everywhere:
When you see this post, quote from Doctor Who on your LJ.
Cyberman: Effective penetration should be immediate. >.> Make of that what you want.

Since that was an old school quote, have a newer one:
The Doctor: Rose, take Arthur, follow it. Don't approach it, just go, go, go!
Rose Tyler: Arthur?
The Doctor: Good name for a horse.
Rose Tyler: No, you're not keeping the horse.
The Doctor: I let you keep Mickey!
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So, hello again. It's been some time, but life is really stressful right now and today I had to clean the whole house, because my parents'll be coming home this evening.

I'm also freaking out a bit over my account status, since my paid account will be expire in a few days and I'm to much of a wuss to use pay pal, so I'll have to send the money with the post ad today everything is closed and then it'll be the weekend ad then I won't have a lot of time left. Anyway, I hope I'll figure something out.

Now to more important things ... I LOVE HOUSE MD!!!11!! I started watching it this week and it's really awesome. That may or may not have somethig to do with Jesse Spencer one of the actors on the show.
Let me introduce you to the wonder that is Jesse Spencer:
A study of Jesse through the years )

And now I will shamelessly steal from [ profile] potthead (I hope you don't mind, Joya :D), all the credit for the coding goes to her, and post this getting to know my flist thingy: )
Please copy paste it and fill it out. :D

Uhm, this post is already turing out to be a massive thing so I guess I`'ll post the icons tomorrow.
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I'm very sorry, but I got a Russian exchange student on very short notice, she needed some place to stay, and now I don't know when I'll find the time to geet online, since she is staying in my room and there will be activities all day. But I promise to catch up to you all next week.

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So, yesterday in school I was the last to know that not two kilometers away from my school a bomb was being diffused/evacuated!

They'd found an old one from the second WW or something and the people living near it all had to be evacuated in case it went off and since the nearest big building was the gymnasium of my school, all the people were brought there. And I totally missed most of the action, because I don't bother looking out of the window. My friends were talking about it during the break and I at first thought they were having me on ...

I really need to pay more attention to my surroundings. *facepalm*
But everything went well and rather quickly so that by noon all the people could go home again.

And I finally have all my phtos of my party on my pc and will post them later, uhm, today, after I've gotten some sleep. ;-)

Also, I've just watched the pilot of The Black Donnellys and I fell in love, finally some brothers who are not afraid to hug! \o/

Aaaaaaaaaand: JUST TWO MORE WEEKS!!!!
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So, the 14th has come and gone and all I did was turn 18 .... which means I'll have to pay a lot of bills. Well, this month pretty much sucks.

But the party was great and my mom still hasn't seen the spot on the wall and the photos look ... interesting. ^^ I'll maybe post some of them when I get them onto my pc.

I'm going into serious SPN withdrawal, I need my weekly dose of Sam&Dean, damn hiatus. *waves fist*

To get over my craving I made a wallpaper:

And before I forget, there is this awesome new community for Sam/River and, just, wow, this makes my week look so much better, I love me some Sam/River. So go take a look and join! [ profile] siverandram

I probably forgot half of the things I wanted to post about,but what the hell, I wrote a Biology test today I can't thing beyond DNA and RNA etc. so TAH! Have a nice day. :D

Also, Happy (very belated) Birthday to [ profile] jennie_belle and a Hapy Birthday to [ profile] shibbyfangirl! Love you both! ♥
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I was tagged by [ profile] shibbyfangirl

Rules: Each player of this game starts off with 10 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 10 weird habits/things/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names. No tagbacks.
Everything you never wanted to know about me: )

So, I'm really excited, because my birthday is in two days and, well, it's not everyday you turn 18. But it's kida depressing whe I think of all the bills I'll have to pay now. On the other hand, I can now excuse myself from school and won't need my parents signature any more. >.>

And before I forget Born under a bad sign )

In other ews, I made some ew icons, but I'll post them later, because this post has gotten way too long and rambly (that is so a word). So, see ya later! :D

ETA: I also passed my bronze dacing test, which makes me very happy indeed, I'm always so nervous before tests of any kind.

ETA2: I nearly forgot, I have to tag a few people, so I tag:
[ profile] serenitysangel, [ profile] _3amconfession, [ profile] unamaga, [ profile] spazzbot, [ profile] potthead, [ profile] lunarwolfik, [ profile] jennie_belle, [ profile] lfg1986, [ profile] kueble, [ profile] autumnfades ... I so hope I got all of your names right.
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What Gi (that is me btw) learned today:

stormwarnings on TV and radio = a lot of wind = hair in the face and mouth when going outside = hair not very tasty

And also: NO SCHOOL!!

Hmmm I've been enjoying today up until now, even though the wind is really loud and you can't really get anywhere, the trains, if they drive at all, are up to one hour too late. o.0

ZOMG tomorrow I'll get my report sheet with my grades and even though I know most of them I'm still kinda excited. :D

Aaaaaand CLICKY (with spoilers for Hunted): )

I can't wait for the next ep!!
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So I am finally back in town online and will have no more written tests/exams and whatever until at least late January !! \o/

That means I'll have time to catch up with y'all and as a preset for all of you, I have some icon's, because JARED NEEDS MORE LOVE! and you are all awesome friends!!

001 002 003

on to the rest )

I had a pretty great weekend, because I met an old friend of mine and got her addicted to SPN and we had a marathon with all of season 1. \o/
Oh Sammy's emo!mop how I miss thee!
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I am so sorry for just disappearing like that, but I had a really sucky week which can be summed up with disastrous written tests, homework, nasty teachers, even nastier mums, boy trouble, long waits for the bus in the pouring rain resulting in sickness and a hole in my sock.

Oh and to top it of, NO NEW SPN!!

But I hope next week'll be better and I'll try to catch up to you all soon, so tell me what have I missed? Did you do anything interesting, made something awesome or were just there. Tell me EVERYTHING! :D
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Ok, WTF?? Nose stop bleeding plz! That's the third nose bled today!

Oh and was I the only one who didn't know until today that Alona Tal is from Israel?

The only good thing today was that I discovered this pic of Jensen: )

And am probably the only person who hasn't seen it until today.
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I ate vanilla flavored meat today. o_0
And discovered that I still have to learn 15 pages of vocabulary.

PS. I've finally caved and watched the pilot of Heroes and I'm officially hooked, damn,I don't need another show.
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Just today when I came back from my friend's house, my pc decided not to work anymore!!
My main harddrive is completly broken and I can't access it anymore and all of my music, pictures(meaning icons, wallpapers etc.) and photos and everything are on it. Luckily my dad had another harddrive lying around, so I can at least get into the net . But we don't know how long it'll last, because it's already a bit damaged itself. :(

So I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed and keep myself from spending any money on things I don't really need, to have enough to buy another harddrive.

And yes, I may still cry, because everything is gone. *cries*

*stares angrily at her pc*
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That damn midge is killing me, it's bitten me everywhere and it's itching madly like a mad thing.
Please excuse me while I hunt that bitch down.

My brain has apparently decided that it is too cool for sleep, I mean sleep, who needs that anyway? So to pass the time I spent not sleeping I made some icons, which I'll maybe post later.

Later I'll finally get new shoes, because one of my ol ones has a hole through the sole, I used to put my finger through it. Shoe with hole : I'll miss you, but it is time we part, so that my feet will finally stay dry and warm, I'm sorry!
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Wow, Supernatural really screws with your or maybe just my mind.
Yesterday I caught my sister saying Bloody Mary in font of the mirror and kinda maybe freaked a bit out.
I avoided mirrors for most of the day until I finally convinced myself that I didn't have a bis dark secret and was being childish ...
I poked myself in the eye trying to take my contact lenses out and avoid looking into the mirror.
Thanks Supernatural

And just because I felt like it I made two PotC 2 wallpapers: )


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