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So, I've been gone,but I've also still been reading my flist and I must say. you guys, what's up??

The new Heroes ep is already 5 days old and there has been exactly none posts about it. How am I supposed to squee here, are you all not into Heroes anymore??
one (okay maybe more)spoiler(s) under here )

Anyway I loved the ep and it has renewed my love and squee for TV fandom!!

But OMG I'm so invested in bandom now I can't even hear or read the line 'just for the record' without finishing the quote in my head (the weather today...). *facepalm*

And now let's finish this off with some pics that make me laugh my head off:

I mock because I love! )
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So, hello again. It's been some time, but life is really stressful right now and today I had to clean the whole house, because my parents'll be coming home this evening.

I'm also freaking out a bit over my account status, since my paid account will be expire in a few days and I'm to much of a wuss to use pay pal, so I'll have to send the money with the post ad today everything is closed and then it'll be the weekend ad then I won't have a lot of time left. Anyway, I hope I'll figure something out.

Now to more important things ... I LOVE HOUSE MD!!!11!! I started watching it this week and it's really awesome. That may or may not have somethig to do with Jesse Spencer one of the actors on the show.
Let me introduce you to the wonder that is Jesse Spencer:
A study of Jesse through the years )

And now I will shamelessly steal from [ profile] potthead (I hope you don't mind, Joya :D), all the credit for the coding goes to her, and post this getting to know my flist thingy: )
Please copy paste it and fill it out. :D

Uhm, this post is already turing out to be a massive thing so I guess I`'ll post the icons tomorrow.
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OMG I think I may have aginormous tiny little crush on David Tennant.
Which was bad when I only knew him from the fourth HP movie, because when they showed Crouch junior I was like, ooooh he is not all that bad looking, kinda hot in a way and my friend who was with me in the cinema gave me this weird look and was all EWWWWW!!

But now since I've been watching Doctor Who I'm all about the squee and find DT veryvery hot and want to jump him !!

I mean look at him )

Also, the promo for the new SPN ep makes me very happy indeed and AKLDHS:LBGFA I WANNA SEE IT NOW!!! I can't wait two more weeks.


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