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Just a drive by vid rec before I bury myself in the books again:

That's what family is for by lucaszd88
Spoilers for season 4

This is what the show is about for me, this is what keeps me coming back every time, no matter how much I may swear and shake my fist at the screen. This is Sam and Dean being SamandDean and just such unhealthily codependent brothers, I actually got a bit teary eyed watching.
Also, the editing is amazing and I've always had a thing for instrumental music, both together makes me want to watch it again and again and ... you get the picture.

Seriously, go watch now, you won't regret it.
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Going on vacation and mainlining a ton of Merlin episodes and media clearly works wonders for ones productivity! Here are two Merlin wallpapers I created in the last two days.

Photobucket800x600 merlin sky1024x768

merlin/arthur800x600 merlin/arthur1024x768

Also, [ profile] zarah5v2 has started posting her amazing Merlin circus AU. It has everything you could want in a fic, there is/are jealousy, misunderstandings and Arthur being a prat.
The characters are just like the ones we know and love, though this is set in modern times. It made me grin a lot and it is trully fascinating to see elements from the show appear in a new form. Go read it and you won't be disappointed!
(Be cautious though that chapters will be posted one at a time, with a few days in between.)

I was lucky enough to get to read it ahead of it's posting date and Zarah even allowed me to create her some artwork for her!

Radiant Under Every Sort Of Light )
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HI new friends! It's nice having you around, but let me introduce myself, or rather to avoid talking about myself again, let me link you to this entry.

Today has been very relaxing so far. I've been listening to new FOB songs (Pete you are still on notice for not giving me that album next month >:-( ) and preparing myself for the return of my two host boys, who were in Europe for two weeks.
I also finally listened to Who Killed Amanda Palmer and OMG DO MUCH LOVE!!!! I'm especially enarmored of Runs In The Family, HOW SO AWESOME AMANDA PALMER??!!

In other news my camera memory card broke for absolutely no reason I can think of and I had to get a new one, which is why the pics for the photo meme are going to take some more time. BUt this way you can still go there and request more photos of stuff you might want to see. :D

A quick rec: Second Sight by [ profile] zarah5. I really don't have words for her amazing writing anymore, because she constantly keeps me in awe of her mad skillz. This is an AU where all of Panic works at a radio station and there are love shenanigans with misunderstandings all around. I especially loved the Ryan/Spencer backstory (what a surprise,really) and at one part I actually teared up. Zarah, please never stop writing! ♥

The subject of this post has really nothing at all to do with this all over the place post, but that line just gets me every time. I've been listening to that song on repeat since it came out. I blame that Wentz guy ... and probably Patrick for his amazing voice.

ps. I changed my whole layout, got a paid account, more icons and a new moodtheme, check it out: [ profile] inderpal [ profile] inderpal
I really love the pretty colours so much, it feels somuch more me than the previous one.:D
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Amusing things to happen this week:

Getting hit on by a 15 year old ... okay kind of more embarrassing than amusing. He thought I was also 15 ... explains why I was able to take the bus for half the normal price, an option normally only available for 13 and under. >.>

ETA: I am actually 19, which means I am off age here in Germany.

Having your brother shout for 'A CAB, give me another CAB!' Oh bandom, please to be staying out of my head.

In other news I am buying myself 'The Black Parade Is Dead', my willpower, let me show you it.

Here, have some recs:

Let's start with [ profile] zarah5 , you should basically read everything she has ever written Why? Because she is made of awesome and so is her writing. I won't even list what I loved about every one of these fics, because then I'd still be sitting here tomorrow.

Maybe Living Really Is Easier (If You Keep Your Eyes Closed)

Strawberry Fields Forever
I dare you to read this and not go 'AWWWWWW' out loud.

Basic Adjustments
Summary: Three days into the recording of The Album that Has Yet to Be Named, Brendon loses his voice. Just like that.

Agent Provocateur
Nice and long and, oh yeah, SPY!AU !!!! With amnesia!

A Rough Guide to Following Instructions
This is just plain smoking hot!

Then there is Sings like she runs by [ profile] liketheroad.
It has girl!Spencer and made me want to cry and smile and make gleeful noises all at once.

I'm pretty sure there was more that I'm forgetting right now, my f-list is just so talented! ♥

Also, Gerard talking about his 'flower' kind of made my evening. *g*

This video made me laugh like a lunatic! \o/ Oh MCR, how so funny.
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Yesterday was a day spend without any internet, because my shiny new laptop aparently decided that I'd become to addicted to it. But even without the internet, I somehow did still not find any time to learn for school or finish that painting I've been working on for half a year now. Face meet palm.

However I was at least a bit productive and fooled around with Photoshop and Image Ready and made myself some icons. See above. ^^

Fandom seems to be very slow right now and I mostly blame bigbang, but that still leaves me with almost nothing new to read and I've resorted to reading bad!fic and, yes, it is exactly as bad as the name suggests yet strangely adicting. So you can imagine my glee, when I came across this gem on my flist:

a sense of touch by [ profile] liketheroad
It's a lovely, long Panic GSF that left me smiling so hard it hurt. The pure emotion in this really packs a punch. Go read!

Then there is The Grasshopper Unit by [ profile] harriet_vane
In this Panic gets turned into little kids and if that doesn't get you reading, I don't know what will. It is also needless to say that this is pure, cracked out awesomeness.

I also have big, life changing news (for me) that I am a bit afraid to post about, because I have the irrational fear I'll jinx it. I just really need for this to work out, because I actually have nothing else planned for after school than this. *keeps fingers crossed*


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