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This was supposed to be a post, but [ profile] buildyourwalls ate it!!!

Uhm, I love you all and will try to actually post tomorrow?! ♥

Here have distraction: )
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There is a poll going on here that you should all take and vote for Pretty. Odd. as best CD of the year(so far).

Go forth flist, give P.O. the love it deserves! <3

icon spam

Jun. 23rd, 2008 10:46 pm
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Because [ profile] liketheroad made me cry again with her verse fic and the Ryan!angst, I made some icons to cheer myself up.
Since some of them were not that bad, I'm sharing them.


001 002 003

Why so srs? )
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Dear people of the internets,

please do explain the following pic to me:

Cut for large preciousness )



Jun. 15th, 2008 01:00 am
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If this turns out to be true, I'm actually thinking about flying there. /o\
Also: What was that about a 2 year break? ;-)
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Ahahaha, I just entered a contest at my local radio station to win tickets for a Panic at the Disco show here in Germany. :D

The question was:"What recent change occured in the band's name?"
Hee! Too bad that nearly everyone knows this, guess I'll have a lot of competition. I never win anything in contest anyway, but I can hope, right?

The venue of this concert is super tiny and only about an hour away and I wanto see their stupid faces one more time, before I can stalk them in their home country.

*crosses fingers*
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So, maybe it's just me, but on the cover of 'When the day met the night' )
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I am so nervous right now, I don't know how I'll be able to sleep tonight ... or uhm now?
Tomorrow I'll be getting my final grades and then I'm really graduating, omg. /o\

If everything goes alright tomorrow and I didn't fail too hard, I'll probably look something like this:


So goodnight and hopefully party taimz tomorrow.
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So I spent three weeks without any internet access and now that it's back, I still have no explanation about why it was gone. *grrr*

In todays 'you are how old??' news:
My dad sent me to get lamp oil at the nearest supermarket, at the checkout the following scene happened:

Saleswoman takes one look at me, reaches for the phone and dials.

Her: Hi, am I allowed to sell lamp oil to anyone under 18, I mean it's flameable and all ...
Me: ... I'm 19. :/
Her: *skeptical look* ... Oh, well, can I see your id then?

It's a never ending source of amusement for my family and friends.

So, is there anyone in bandom who hasn't listened to 'Howl' yet? I quite like it, but it's also not something I'll listen to every day. But I think it would mke great driving music, I'll definitely have to test that.

My amusement for the day: )
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Welcome to the epic Panic touching spam part two! But first, since I was half asleep yesterday, have some stuff that I forgot.

insert clever title here )
And I guess that is all for now. I hope you enjoy it, because I am quite exhausted after this many pics. Have a nice weekend everybody and a happy mother's day. :D
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Since [ profile] zarah5 promised me fic, I agreed to make a Panic!touching picspam and happily rubbing my hands together I began looking through my pic folder.
About 70 pics later it was sure that this was not going to be done very quickly and then Pete Wentz took it upon himself to post some more pics(and throw a party at his bar) that fit
this theme perfectly. Therefore the following can be equally blamed on [ profile] zarah5 and Pete, no part at all is my fault ... really.

Pretty.Precious. )

This has been not even half of the pics I wanted to show, but since I do have to go to bed a bit earlier today, I'll have to post the rest tomorrow. I hope that is ok with you [ profile] zarah5.

Coming up: Casual contact, Boypiles and WTF ( are you even doing boys?) now with bonus Pete Wentz. See ya!

Edit. Part two.
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Amusing things to happen this week:

Getting hit on by a 15 year old ... okay kind of more embarrassing than amusing. He thought I was also 15 ... explains why I was able to take the bus for half the normal price, an option normally only available for 13 and under. >.>

ETA: I am actually 19, which means I am off age here in Germany.

Having your brother shout for 'A CAB, give me another CAB!' Oh bandom, please to be staying out of my head.

In other news I am buying myself 'The Black Parade Is Dead', my willpower, let me show you it.

Here, have some recs:

Let's start with [ profile] zarah5 , you should basically read everything she has ever written Why? Because she is made of awesome and so is her writing. I won't even list what I loved about every one of these fics, because then I'd still be sitting here tomorrow.

Maybe Living Really Is Easier (If You Keep Your Eyes Closed)

Strawberry Fields Forever
I dare you to read this and not go 'AWWWWWW' out loud.

Basic Adjustments
Summary: Three days into the recording of The Album that Has Yet to Be Named, Brendon loses his voice. Just like that.

Agent Provocateur
Nice and long and, oh yeah, SPY!AU !!!! With amnesia!

A Rough Guide to Following Instructions
This is just plain smoking hot!

Then there is Sings like she runs by [ profile] liketheroad.
It has girl!Spencer and made me want to cry and smile and make gleeful noises all at once.

I'm pretty sure there was more that I'm forgetting right now, my f-list is just so talented! ♥

Also, Gerard talking about his 'flower' kind of made my evening. *g*

This video made me laugh like a lunatic! \o/ Oh MCR, how so funny.


Apr. 30th, 2008 09:50 pm
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This article, you guys!! BOOOOYS!!

Pics from the article behind a cut, because they deserve to be as big as they are! )

PS: Photobucket
From here.

\0/ Seems as if my heart-eyes are not going to go away any time soon. ♥_♥
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I'm guessing that everyone and their dogs has now already seen that video of Brendon and Ryan playing Mad Libs , but it is amazing so watch it again:

Over here.

'Back in the bible people got stoned' It is sad that my mind only went: 'Huh, where'd they get the weed back then?', befor it made the connection to the throwing of stones. *headdesk*

I love Brendon's laughter, he really laughs with his whole body. <3

But seriously, it's embarassing how much I want some of that to end up in one of their songs some day. That would have me laughing for years days.

Now I'm going to get money for our graduation schoolpaper. Have a great day everybody. :D

ETA. Before I forget again, my love for Patrick Stump, let me show you it.
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Yesterday was a day spend without any internet, because my shiny new laptop aparently decided that I'd become to addicted to it. But even without the internet, I somehow did still not find any time to learn for school or finish that painting I've been working on for half a year now. Face meet palm.

However I was at least a bit productive and fooled around with Photoshop and Image Ready and made myself some icons. See above. ^^

Fandom seems to be very slow right now and I mostly blame bigbang, but that still leaves me with almost nothing new to read and I've resorted to reading bad!fic and, yes, it is exactly as bad as the name suggests yet strangely adicting. So you can imagine my glee, when I came across this gem on my flist:

a sense of touch by [ profile] liketheroad
It's a lovely, long Panic GSF that left me smiling so hard it hurt. The pure emotion in this really packs a punch. Go read!

Then there is The Grasshopper Unit by [ profile] harriet_vane
In this Panic gets turned into little kids and if that doesn't get you reading, I don't know what will. It is also needless to say that this is pure, cracked out awesomeness.

I also have big, life changing news (for me) that I am a bit afraid to post about, because I have the irrational fear I'll jinx it. I just really need for this to work out, because I actually have nothing else planned for after school than this. *keeps fingers crossed*
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... and long for the summer. I just know that I'll be listening to this while sun bathing in my back yard or riding my bike in the country side. (I actually attempted that yesterday and got caught in a snow storm ... Panic I blame you!)
My favorite songs are Mad As Rabbits, Northern Downpour, Pas De Cheval, Folkin' Around and ... oh wait, this is getting ridiculous, lets just say that I love the whole album. Now if only my Deluxe edition would finally arrive. :/

While listening to She Had The World something kept bugging me, I kept comparing it to something else, I just didn't know what.
Then in the evening when I was lying in my bed, it came to me:

Anonym zu

This is what I kept hearing in my head, I honestly don't know why, must be the duet or the harmonies, I don't know, but it made me laugh so hard.

All these summery thoughts and feelings reminded me that I never posted about my trip to Venice and Padua last summer/August, so head over here if you want to see them. :D
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I absolutely love that song!!! STRINGS! TRUMPETS! I mean, what is not to love??

Also, listening to it the whole day has not only given me a massive earworm, but apparently also driven me insane.
Because I just went down to the dad, made big pleading puppy eyes and told him that all I wanted for Christmas my birthday was the Panic(!) Deluxe CD pack, even though with shipping it'll be about 60/70 $ ... yeah. (I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he continues to be the best dad in the world.)

I am almost convinced that there is a secret message hidden in the strings that hypnotizes everyone into bying that thing. I just can't prove it yet!!

And now to play catch up: )

I am pretty sure there was something else, a meme of some kind, but I can't remember. :(

Have a pretty picture instead: )
If you want me to ask you 5 random questions, tell me so in a comment. :D
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YAYYAYAY!! I've passed my theoretical driver's test with 0 mistakes!! I wasn't able to do that the whole time I was learning for this damn test, so this makes me ridiculously happy!! :D :D

My flist is clearly made of ev0l and is slowly but surely sucking me into the bandslash fandom of the P!atD variety!(see subject^^) Yes I've finally seen the light, they are so pretty!!!

And because I've forgotten what else I wanted to post about, have some more prettyness: (warning, not dial-up friendly) )

Woo, and there isn't even anything SPN related in this post yet ... hmmm.

Now I remember, seen uhm, everywhere:
When you see this post, quote from Doctor Who on your LJ.
Cyberman: Effective penetration should be immediate. >.> Make of that what you want.

Since that was an old school quote, have a newer one:
The Doctor: Rose, take Arthur, follow it. Don't approach it, just go, go, go!
Rose Tyler: Arthur?
The Doctor: Good name for a horse.
Rose Tyler: No, you're not keeping the horse.
The Doctor: I let you keep Mickey!


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