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So, I've been gone,but I've also still been reading my flist and I must say. you guys, what's up??

The new Heroes ep is already 5 days old and there has been exactly none posts about it. How am I supposed to squee here, are you all not into Heroes anymore??
one (okay maybe more)spoiler(s) under here )

Anyway I loved the ep and it has renewed my love and squee for TV fandom!!

But OMG I'm so invested in bandom now I can't even hear or read the line 'just for the record' without finishing the quote in my head (the weather today...). *facepalm*

And now let's finish this off with some pics that make me laugh my head off:

I mock because I love! )
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Ok today I was looking through my pictures of Jared ... anyway I discovered this picture:

And after I stopped starring at Jared, something started to buck me about it ( and no, it wasn't Alexis Bredel, I learned long ago to ignore her). After some time spend thinking I kept getting distracted by the pretty that is Jared, I finally figured out that it was that guy stading on the right.

After some closer inspection it came to me, DUDE, that's Peter from 'Heroes' and then after some more starring,hmmm pretty I was confused. Yes I know happens all the time, but bear with me. What was 'Peter' doing with those two Gilmore Girls?!

I puzzled over this and then decided to ask the almighty wikipedia, and lo and behold, my world came crashing down around me.

All this time spent watching 'Heroes' I had been drooling over JESS!!! And I didn't even really like Jess, during the few eps I saw with him, but that just wasn't right!!!

*sigh* I have now decided to overlook his insanity role in GG and will continue to ogle him, because he is pretty and awesome (as Peter) and ,yes, I AM that shallow.


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