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So far today has been pretty awesome and while I don't have the time to list all of the awesome things, let me just say that I love my landlady, because she not only took me to Ikea so that I could look for a desk for my room, no she also paid for my food and drink there. She also randomly bought me fruit and chocolate the other day, just because!

Now something I created yesterday, a Merlin manip that is not stripper!au related and can therefore actually be posted. Because [ profile] zarah5 promised, I present you with the perfect excuse to write me more wingfic.



he is just missing his halo )

Now I'm off to see the circus with [ profile] zarah5 and hopefully have an amazing Merlin night!


Oct. 4th, 2009 12:00 am
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verything is great, because I am drunk and have the internets!!! Love you all!!
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I'm not even sure how it happened, but over the course of the last few days, I somehow fell down the ladder and landed at rock bottom, aka Jonas Brothers' fandom. I blame boredom, TV summer break and Joe Jonas awesome dancing skills in high heels. Anyway, I geeked out over all the pretty photoshoots (oh band photos, how I have missed you!) and couldn't help but icon some of them. I'm not sure if anyone will have any use for them, but here you go:


001 002 003

24 more under here )

And to finish this post off on the right note:
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The last few days were a real rollercoaster ride of emotion and the only good thing that came from it, are some Merlin icons. Apparently photoshop makes for a good escape from reality and all of its stress.


001 002 003

blue is clearly the new black )
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Going on vacation and mainlining a ton of Merlin episodes and media clearly works wonders for ones productivity! Here are two Merlin wallpapers I created in the last two days.

Photobucket800x600 merlin sky1024x768

merlin/arthur800x600 merlin/arthur1024x768

Also, [ profile] zarah5v2 has started posting her amazing Merlin circus AU. It has everything you could want in a fic, there is/are jealousy, misunderstandings and Arthur being a prat.
The characters are just like the ones we know and love, though this is set in modern times. It made me grin a lot and it is trully fascinating to see elements from the show appear in a new form. Go read it and you won't be disappointed!
(Be cautious though that chapters will be posted one at a time, with a few days in between.)

I was lucky enough to get to read it ahead of it's posting date and Zarah even allowed me to create her some artwork for her!

Radiant Under Every Sort Of Light )
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Am sick and currently living of soup and cough drops. more tomorrow when I can actually formulate a whole proper sentence again.<3
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My favorite poem (and one of the only ones that have stayed and resonated with me) is a German one by Joseph von Eichendorf:

Schläft ein Lied in allen Dingen,
die da träumen fort und fort,
Und die Welt fängt an zu singen,
Triffst du nur das Zauberwort

I found a decent translation here:

Sleeps a song in things abounding
that keep dreaming to be heard:
Earth'es tunes will start resounding
if you find the magic word.
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I want anybody and everybody who comes across this
to leave me an anonymous comment. It can be anything you want.
A story. A secret. A confession. A fear. A love. ANYTHING.
Just post anonymously and honestly.

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Okay, so I was taking a shower, which does happen from time to time and as always my mind took on a, uhm mind, of it's own and starting thinking about [ profile] emilyray's highschool pretend!boyfriends AU. In this everyone thinks that cut for spoilers )

Uhm, yeah, my mind early in the mornings is truly a weird thing. but I really need this story in my life now, someone needs to make it happen!!
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I kind of want to hug each and every one of you, who commented on my last post. It made me feel so much better and was really what I needed.
Just in case any of you need some cheering up as well, let m link you to some pics that never fail to make me laugh:

I want to scream I love you from the top of my lungs )
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Know what you want to do, hold the thought firmly, and do every day what should be done, and every sunset will see you that much nearer the goal.

 Elbert Hubbard quotes (American editor, publisher and writer, 1856-1915)

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My New Years resolution is a better mindset and to be more active here on LJ. So far it's working, but that might just be because I'm staying at [ profile] buildyourwalls's and am having a really good time.

My new layout is also helping, because I want to stare at it all day long, which makes it hard to stay away from LJ. *g*

But seriously, at first I didn't really believe the hype, but just the first ep convinced me that Merlin more than lives up to it. So, time to confess guys, who here does also love faily sorcerers with big ears and stupid hats and the princes that love are fond of them??

And how can you not love that show, just look at that ridiculously pretty casting:

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This was supposed to be a post, but [ profile] buildyourwalls ate it!!!

Uhm, I love you all and will try to actually post tomorrow?! ♥

Here have distraction: )
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I think my icon says it all!! I might be ill and feeling shitty, but I DON'T CARE AT ALL RIGHT NOW; BECAUSE TODAY IS JUST AN AWESOME DAY!!
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HI new friends! It's nice having you around, but let me introduce myself, or rather to avoid talking about myself again, let me link you to this entry.

Today has been very relaxing so far. I've been listening to new FOB songs (Pete you are still on notice for not giving me that album next month >:-( ) and preparing myself for the return of my two host boys, who were in Europe for two weeks.
I also finally listened to Who Killed Amanda Palmer and OMG DO MUCH LOVE!!!! I'm especially enarmored of Runs In The Family, HOW SO AWESOME AMANDA PALMER??!!

In other news my camera memory card broke for absolutely no reason I can think of and I had to get a new one, which is why the pics for the photo meme are going to take some more time. BUt this way you can still go there and request more photos of stuff you might want to see. :D

A quick rec: Second Sight by [ profile] zarah5. I really don't have words for her amazing writing anymore, because she constantly keeps me in awe of her mad skillz. This is an AU where all of Panic works at a radio station and there are love shenanigans with misunderstandings all around. I especially loved the Ryan/Spencer backstory (what a surprise,really) and at one part I actually teared up. Zarah, please never stop writing! ♥

The subject of this post has really nothing at all to do with this all over the place post, but that line just gets me every time. I've been listening to that song on repeat since it came out. I blame that Wentz guy ... and probably Patrick for his amazing voice.

ps. I changed my whole layout, got a paid account, more icons and a new moodtheme, check it out: [ profile] inderpal [ profile] inderpal
I really love the pretty colours so much, it feels somuch more me than the previous one.:D


Aug. 14th, 2008 02:07 pm
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Guys, help a girl who wants to stay safe and sane for a year out, should I get a family in New Jersey, should I take them, or back away as fast as possible?

I've only heard bad things about au pair families there, so I'm not sure ... :(
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If there are one or more people on your friends list who make your world a better place just because they exist, and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the Internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.

Seriously, so many ♥!!

Also, that 20 persons meme everyone is doing (only it's really 11, because my flist is tiny).

1.Tell 20 people on your flist, what you always wanted to tell them, but were too scared to.
2. You mustn't name the persons.
3. You mustn't deny or confirm any guesses.(You can ask if you are on the list though (I'll even answer ;-))

mostly positive, because I love you all )

All in all, my flist is made up of really nice people and I don't know what I did to deserve any of you. ♥

What prompted all this is mostly that I just said goodbye to a good friend of mine that I've known since she was born, literally. Our moms were friends and we pretty much grew up together. I know it's only for a year, but on the other hand, it's a whole year, a lot can happen in a year and I'm just feeling vagualy sad and nostalgic and I want some hugs!
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I just did a small friends cut, which I've been meaning to do for quite some time. Mainly it's because we've never talked, you don't update or we are in completely different fandoms and don't comment on each others posts, at all.

I'm sorry that we've grown apart, but I had the feeling that some of you were not interested in what I had to say anyway.

I wish you all the best and hope you know that this wasn't really anything personal.
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There is a poll going on here that you should all take and vote for Pretty. Odd. as best CD of the year(so far).

Go forth flist, give P.O. the love it deserves! <3


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