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I had the incredible honour of watching [ profile] zarah5 (sometimes quite literaly) write her newest story 'Where The Pavement Ends'. Creating artwork for her is always fun and exciting, since her writing is so vivid and real that you can't help but imagine the scenes in your head. Getting to read the story as it is being written is a definite bonus as well.

In this post is the full collection of all my manips created for this story, but before you click on the cut, make sure to read the story itself. Here is a helpful link so that you have no excuse to not run and get to reading (do make sure to have sometime on your hands though) :

stripper au manips
Merlin whirls around to find the creep from earlier that night sitting on the floor, his back against the wall. What looks like an expensive watch is slung around his wrist, his arms wrapped around his drawn-up knees. He seems utterly unaware of the fact that he has no business whatsoever sitting there, or really just being in this room in the first place.

stripper au manip
Mostly for something to do, Arthur goes to examine the scraps and pictures Merlin’s pinned to the fridge door. There’s a chemical formula with the words For mum? scrawled underneath it, a picture of the Piazza San Marco in Venice, random notes that list anything from groceries to music to what might be topics of scientific reports, an article half-hidden below them, as well as an advertisement for dance lessons that briefly amuses Arthur. Another picture shows Merlin arm in arm with a guy that Arthur recognises as the Latino stripper who dragged Merlin away that one time.

stripper au manips
They missed a train by a minute so, at this time of night, the platform is mostly empty when they get there, neon lamps bathing the tiled ground in dispassionate light.

stripper au manip
Naturally, it takes a while until he switches the computer on – or rather, he switches the computer on right after getting out of bed and decides to take a shower while it boots. Once he’s towelled off, there’s breakfast that needs to be eaten and coffee that has to be made, so by the time he finally sits down at his desk, the computer has already gone back into standby. Merlin switches it on again.

stripper au manips
Thanks for the obvious trust in my fashion sense. As you can see below, I do own a suit, yeah. Just the one, though, and the pic was taken at my uncle's 60th birthday, so it's three years old. The suit still fits me.

Link to the click through manips.

Number 1 Number 2 Number 3 Number 4

The article manips:

stripper au manips

stripper au manips

The quality is bad, the blurriness a result of the cheap print as much as a low-quality original, but despite that, Arthur has no problems identifying himself, locked in a kiss with Merlin. His gaze fixes on the headline.

Arthur Pendragon out (of a Job)!

Just something that didn't fit into the story, but was fun to make.
stripper au manips
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